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Exerciții de încălzire și întindere

Dr Paul Lam
Acest set de exerciții este adaptat de la programul Six Easy Step Tai pentru începători. Sunt exerciții de întindere care conțin elemente Tai Chi.

Step One – Warm Up Exercises

Steps One and Two of this chapter are warm up and stretching exercises combined with tai chi movements. Practicing them regularly will enhance your flexibility and tune up your muscles.

Inainte sa incepi

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat, well-fitting shoes.
  • Don’t continue doing any movement that is painful or causes you discomfort.
  • Do all movements slowly, continuously and smoothly.
  • Move well within your comfort range. The first time you do a movement, stretch to only 70 percent of your normal range and increase that range gradually.
  • When appropriate do both sides.

(Chose any one or more choices below)

  • For one or two minutes, walk around, gently shaking your hands and legs, and clenching and unclenching your hands. This loosens your body and joints in preparation for the exercises that follow.
  • Give yourself a massage. First, rub your hands together. This makes them warm by increasing the qi. Massage your legs, ankles and feet, lower back, and shoulders, rubbing your hands together intermittently.
  • Faceți o scurtă plimbare.
  • Luați un duș fierbinte

Step Two Stretching Exercises

  • Do each stretch 3-5 times. It doesnXCHARXt matter which side you do first.
  • If you have any difficulty balancing, use a chair or the wall for support. Remember, in each session, to stretch to only 70 percent of your normal range and gradually increase that range.
  • We’re going to gently stretch six parts of the body- neck, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles – with two exercises for each body part. It might help you to remember them by knowing we are working from the top down, starting with the neck, and ending at the ankles.
    Cu excepția cazului în care se specifică altfel, țineți-vă picioarele la distanța dintre umeri.


Head Back
As you inhale, bring both hands up slowly, imagining your wrists are being lifted by two balloons..

Turn your palms so that your fingers are pointing upward. Bring them toward your chest, push your chin backward gently.

Capul jos
Exhaling, push both hands outward, extending them in front of you, and then press your hands down slowly and gently. At the same time, slowly bring your head down toward your chest.

Turning Head
Bring your left hand up and look at your palm. Your right hand should be down near your hip, palm facing the ground.

Move your left hand to the left, turning only your head to the left and keeping your eyes on your palm. Now come back to face front. Change palms so that your right palm is now facing you and the left is down near the left hip. Turn to the right while looking at the right palm.


Shoulder Roll
Rotiți ușor umerii înainte și apoi înapoi.

Colectarea Qi
Inhaling, extend both arms to the side, elbows slightly lower than your hands. With palms facing up, move your arms up in a curve to above your head.

As you exhale, gently press your hands down in front of your body to just below your navel.

Șira spinării

Stretch Spine
Mâini în față, ca și cum ai avea o minge de plajă mare. Inhala.

Exhaling, push one hand up as though your palm is pushing against the ceiling, fingertips facing inward. At the same time, push the other hand down by your side. Then change hands.

Spine Turn
Mâini în față, ca și cum ai avea o minge de plajă mare. Stânga în sus.

With knees slightly bent, turn your waist gently to the left. Then change hands, putting the right hand on top and turn to the right. Keep your back upright and supple.


Forward Stretch
Dacă vă puneți călcâiul stâng în fața dvs., împingeți ambele mâini înapoi pentru a ajuta la echilibru.

Step backward with your left foot resting on the toes, and stretching your hands forward to about shoulder height. Repeat on the other side.

An easier alternative is to step your toes near the right foot before steeping backward.

Side Stretch
Push your hands to the side as though you’re pushing against a wall. At the same time, stretch the opposite foot sideways.


Faceți pumnii deschiși, cu palma în sus, odihnindu-vă pe părțile laterale ale șoldurilor.

Stretch out one foot (like a kicking motion but slowly and gently). At the same time, punch out gently with the opposite fist, turning it palm down. Bring your arm and leg back in and repeat on the other side.

Step Forward
With fists next to hips as above, bend your knees slightly and step forward with one foot.

Shift your weight on to the front leg, and as your body moves forward, punch out with opposite fist as in Figure 18. Bring your foot back and do the other side.


Tapping ankle
Atingeți piciorul cu călcâi.

Tap foot with toes

Toe down, lift up the heel and gently rotate your foot in one direction three times, and then in the other direction three times. Change feet.

Alternative: Resting your foot on your heel, turn your foot inward and outward several times. Change feet.

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